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  • Our rides can accommodate up to 6 participants.

  • Physical distancing does not need to apply to same household units. When riding, the group is organized in a way that allows to maintain physical distancing.

  • When to use face coverings while riding is a hard decision for cycling because of the potential to restrict breathing while exercising caused by transmission barriers. The use of face coverings will be required when physical distancing is not possible.

  • When not riding, the use of face covering will be required in situations such as close-proximity instructions or assistance that prevents us to keep social distancing.  

  • We will manage the physical and social distance at the beginning and at the end of rides, always favoring open and well-ventilated spaces.


  • Screening and registration process. Before joining the activity, we will ask the guest to self-assess their physical conditions and self-screen their risk profile. We will inform guests that if they have symptoms, however mild, or are in a household where someone has symptoms, they are advised to stay home.

  • We will provide ample access to hand sanitizer. Guests will be encouraged to sanitize their hands before starting an activity and often, as needed. 

  • Our briefing will avoid the need to get close to guests and to increase guests’ independence and basic tasks whenever possible, such as, bike sizing, helmet fitting, and basic adjustments while on the ride. 

  • When closer contact is required, a face mask will be implemented.


  • Enhancing sanitation is a key part of mitigating COVID-19 risk. When at all possible, participants should avoid sharing equipment and should care for and carry their own personal equipment. 

  • Rigorous disinfection of high use areas, such as handlebars, saddles, break levers, gear levers, barmitts, helmets, etc. 

  • Each rider is assigned to their individual gear such as, bicycle, helmet, barmitts.

  • We will ensure to have guests’ size and choose their own bikes and equipment with minimum handling, and care for their own equipment for the duration of the tour.

  • Riders will be encouraged to bring their own helmets whenever possible. 

  • We will use recommended methods for cleaning and sanitizing that have been determined to kill the COVID-19 virus, such as, appropriate rest time in between uses, the use of alcohol 70% based disinfecting products. 

  • Special consideration to implement safe-handling procedures for personnel who use cleaning products to clean equipment to prevent harm from chemicals or cross-contamination. 

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